2016 is almost here!


And with it, brings lots of (positive) changes!

For the past few months, I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with Great Start Educational Services. Do I want to provide services for more families? Do I want to focus on dissemination and training? There are so many things I want to do, and I just have to slow down, take my time, and eventually, I’ll get to where I want to be 🙂

The first change is – the name! I have had this “Great Start” idea pretty much ever since I started working in this field. I originally chose “education” because I am a teacher, and it encompasses the learning part (I hope!), however, since I am now firmly in the behaviour analysis camp, I’ve decided to change it to “Great Start Behaviour Services”. This will also work nicely with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the range of supports they provide. I am currently having my logo “re-jigged” (I’m keeping it identical, just changing ‘education’ to ‘behaviour’ – I love the design :D)

The second change is in relation to services. I currently have a part time job with another organisation. I then spend my time on the other three days of the week, plus most evenings, doing work related to Great Start. I love it, and enjoy it, and am happy to do it, however I am starting to feel exhausted. I know towards the end of the year, that is more likely to happen anyway.

So I am starting to figure out how I can make the very slow transition into working wholly within Great Start. It is exciting, and scary, but I think it will ultimately be where I end up. I’m very happy about this because I can focus on providing services exactly how I want to – incorporating what I know has worked for me in the past, and find new, and innovative ways to share information about evidence-based interventions, with families. I also am developing a strong network of peers I can continue to learn from as I go out on my own, and will continue to work with my fantastic BCBA-D supervisor, who is helping me with many opportunities 🙂

I also was finally able to submit my registration! It was extremely difficult using a Mac, which hopefully they will rectify soon, but, it’s done! I’m on my way to being able to provide services under the NDIS.

NDIS submission

Those are pretty much all the changes 😀 Not many, just huge! I am currently also working on a comprehensive goals list for 2016. This one will be much more specific and detailed, and I will have a lot more opportunity for goals related to Great Start, particularly if I am going to be devoting 100% of my working time to it!

So, watch this space! The NDIS is rolling out in more areas in Sydney in mid 2016, so hopefully families will start meeting with planners, and possibly even receiving funding packages by the end of 2016!



The National Disability Insurance Scheme

2016 is almost here!

Checking in.

Seeing as it is now NOVEMBER (!) I thought I would check in with what my revised goals were for 2015.

1. Continue with at least one more subject towards my behaviour coursework.

Unfortunately, this did not happen 😦 However, I am registering for my next subject to start in January 2016, so that is a positive!

2. Attend at least 1 conference in 2015.

This weekend I am actually attending a MultiLit conference, celebrating 20 years, so that should be quite good, and interesting!

3. Read and review 1 article every two months.

I have read a few articles over the pas few months, and actually reviewed a few for my supervision sessions. Other articles, I didn’t specifically review, but I did discuss them with different people!

4. Read an article or book about a different application of ABA, and write a review and summary.

This one is a little trickier. I have read a few books about Autism, and not necessarily ABA. I might have to be on the lookout for other books.

5. Make comments in ABA chats and groups on social media at least twice in 2015.

If I’m going to get quite technical, I think I did this earlier in the year 😀 but I should make a note of when the next chats are scheduled to run.

I think aside from the goals, I have continued to develop my knowledge and understanding around ABA. I am signed up to attend a Community of Practice Meeting with the NSW Behavioural Insights Team in December. I am also working on a research poster to present at the ABAI Conference in Chicago next May. I also am working towards developing workshops and training about behaviour to deliver to families and professionals, both in person and in online. But I will elaborate on my future plans shortly 🙂

I think I also need to start working on my 2016 goals, because they will be very different, and a lot more explicit, to help me really focus my aim for 2016. Lots of changes coming up too 😀

Checking in.